I believe a New City Council needs to 
collectively develop a course of action based on community input leading up to and throughout the 2022 municipal election period. Through experience, I believe the best place to start is using a proven formula PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust).  Council and our community can utilize this format to establish priorities, goals, benchmarks and evaluation points throughout a business plan, or in this case, a political mandate.  This becomes a starting point!  Brantford Deserves Better.


Develop short and long term plans with input from our community and newly elected City Councillors.  Working together with City Hall administrators and frontline staff, we can establish objectives and processes required to deliver beneficial results.


This is the action phase where the mayor, councillors, city staff and community work

together to carry out the objectives from the previous step.


During the check phase, any feed-back, data and results are gathered from the "do" phase are evaluated. This helps to see what plans, steps or changes worked better than others and can they be improved as well.  Are we on target to meet our goals and community needs?


This is where a process is improved or adjusted to achieve better results. Records, information and data gathered from the "do" and "check" phases help identify issues with what was done, missed or overlooked. Adjust provides the opportunity to revisit or rework any planning changes for the next timeline.


I believe, we as a community have room to improve and grow.  However there are roadblocks and short comings within our current political mandate that are holding our community back. 

With your help, I have identified 4 key areas of foccus, Accountability, Municipal Money Management, Community & Social Services and Development & Infrastructure.   Within each area are listed items that need or require measurable improvements.  There are some that require immediate action.  I look forward to bringing these items forward, on your behalf, to a New City Council and creating workable solutions for our City.  Brantford Deserves Better.

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  • Provide a transparent and an open-door approach to municipal governance.

  • Address the political abuse of in-camera/hidden meetings.

  • Ensure meetings are recorded for accuracy and accountability.

  • Implement a mayor's public calendar for everyone to see.

  • Co-ordinate town-hall meetings with the Ward Coucncillors.

  • Provide monthly activity reports to Council and our community.

  • Implement a 12 month - 4 cycle council calendar that avoids work delays.

  • Clarify and address roles and responsibilities to eliminate political micro-management.


  • Fiscal responsibility with your tax dollars.

  • Establish a 4 year budget with quarterly updates.

  • Implement annual audits, including Value for Money and efficiency reviews.

  • Focus on community needs and assets.

  • Reduce our growing debt and legal costs.

  • Bring our taxes under control.


  • A friendly neighbourhood approach to community relations.

  • Foster "Made in Brantford" solutions with local professionals.

  • Promote additional geared to income housing developments.

  • Support and work towards a "Livable Brantford" for all ages.

  • Support social service programs & community shelter needs
  • Support for emergency services and workers.

  • Safe community and road programs in your neighbourhood.

  • Cut the red tape for charities/non-for-profit community events. 

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  • Small housing initiatives for seniors & first time home buyers

  • Focus on local road and bridge infrastructure needs.

  • Work towards alternative transportation routes in & around the City.

  • Promote and work towards an inclusive solution with the BSAR/Oak Park Road connection.

  • Promote and facilitate commercial & industrial development partnerships.


I believe the following 4 items require immediate attention and resolution, in hopes of restoring public confidence in our city's political landscape and leadership.  With the support of a New City Council, I will ask that we immediately address the following:

END the $75 million dollar lawsuit against outspoken members of our community...

6 people out of more than 7,700 signatures on a petition to "Save Arrowdale" were named in a $75 million dollar lawsuit by this council.  I believe this is a classic case of political targeting, intimidation and bullying.  It begs the question of what is next, or who is next?

These people stood up and spoke out against the sale of Arrowdale for one reason or another, and now it seems to have a "chilling effect" on the entire community.  To add to that, the lawsuit is being funded by millions of your tax dollars.

As Brantford's next Mayor, I will move a resolution to end the $75 million dollar lawsuit against the 6 individuals, and stop the bleeding of your tax dollars to fund it.  That means mediated settlements are not required.  Non-disclosure agreements are not required. 

No political intimidation! No political bullying! Total transparency! 


I will also request a report back on the actual cost to our community.  This should include a list of underfunded projects that would have benefited from those dollars, and where they could have wisely been reallocated to provide a positive outcome for ward residents and their neighbourhoods.

This lawsuit is costly. Your money!  Your voices!  What happened to the fiscal accountability, inclusiveness and community engagement we were promised?

Brantford Deserves Better! 

END the ongoing requests for extension over due diligence and closing dates...

I believe there have been several secret in-camera meetings to make a decision to extend conditions and closing dates on the sale of Arrowdale. What are they hiding? What is so secretive about these extension requests.  When is the next approved extension closing date? After the election?  Is it because of the pending $75 million dollar lawsuit against 6 residents; or an extension to do more due diligence over the sale?  

As Brantford's next Mayor, I will move a resolution to end the ongoing requests for extension relating to the sale and closing dates relating to Arrowdale.  I will also request a detailed report identifying the rationale for each request. I will not support the ongoing sale of Arrowdale.  

This process should have been open and transparent from the beginning.  Where is the openness and transparency we were promised?


Brantford Deserves Better! 

REQUEST a Provincial inquiry into the sale of Arrowdale...

It appears there is more going on than meets the eye.  With a growing list of political documents from "Freedom of Information" requests relating to Arrowdale, it appears the resolution to sell Arrowdale may have been in the works months earlier. 

As Brantford's next Mayor, I will move a resolution requesting for a full and independent Provincial review and investigation into the entire Arrowdale sale process, including in-camera session notes and minutes, internal and external emails, and texts.

It's time for full disclosure.  It's time for the political transparency we were promised!!!


Brantford Deserves Better! 

SCRAP the Code of Conduct changes that muzzle members of Council and the public...

I believe this council issued a "gag" order against members of council who disagreed with a position, a vote or a final decision.  Your elected members cannot speak out in opposition without facing a "code of conduct" complaint filed against them by another member of council.  It's punitive and as a result, your elected voice is being punished for speaking up or speaking out on your behalf.  So much for respecting the fundamentals of democracy and freedom of speech.

Recently, council passed another "code of conduct" change that may silence your voice from speaking out over decisions made by council or staff.


I believe these "code of conduct" changes are NOT tools of democracy.


As Brantford's next Mayor, I will move a resolution to remove both sets of changes to the code of conduct.  It will give back an unfettered voice to all councillors, regardless of their view on a decision, so they can represent you without fear of reprisal.


Voices should never be silenced.  It's time for the political openness we were promised!!!  


Brantford Deserves Better!