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Experienced Democratic Leadership Delivering Results For Our Community

Dave Wrobel has the background, desire and ideas to successfully unify Council, staff and neighbouring community partners to lead Brantford. 

Dave Wrobel is the forth generation to call Brantford home. Dave grew up in Brantford.  He went to school in Brantford. Played sports in Brantford. Apprenticed as a carpenter in Brantford.  Dave taught as a community college professor in Stoney Creek, Hamilton and Brantford.  He works and runs a small business in Brantford.  Dave was elected 3 times by the residents of Ward 4 to serve as a City Councillor along side Richard Carpenter.  Dave and his wife have raised their family in Brantford. 


A skilled tradesman, entrepreneur,  professor, councillor, volunteer, neighbour, friend, husband and father – Dave, 56, has built his life in Brantford and is more than ready to take on the important role as a mayor of the city.

As a skilled tradesman and entrepreneur, Dave understands the value of service and services offered.   He recognizes not all issues have a one-size-fits-all solution.  It is his businesslike approach with a servant's heart that distinguishes Dave from the field of candidates.  Your concerns are his concerns. Finding solutions starts with a solid foundation of information and ideas.  It requires a team approach, with openness, inclusion and transparency to bring about a positive change that benefits our community.

As a past community college professor for skilled trades and engineering technologies, and trainer for Carpenters Local 785; Dave has learned to eloquently present ideas, listen to and evaluate input, and make decisions based on common sense.

As a three-term Ward 4 councillor; Dave has learned a deep respect for the differing needs of all citizens, the ability to solve problems through an inclusive approach and the need to be approachable to everyone.

As a volunteer for many organizations that include the Kinsmen and Branlyn Neighbourhood Association; Dave has learned the value of truly making a difference to others and the importance of knowing when to lead and when to follow.

Dave brings an integrity and common-sense approach to municipal politics that will position Brantford as a desirable and affordable place to operate, a fair and profitable place to do business, and most of all, a city respected throughout Ontario and Canada when it comes to building a vibrant community.  


Brantford Deserves Better...

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Experience the power of
making a difference for
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What kind of a leader are you going to be -

The kind who thinks he is the best? 

Or will you be one of the very few greats

Who attributes success to the rest?"


A partial quote from the poem: The Image of Leadership,

written by John Schoolland



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