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Brantford Deserves Better: Experienced Democratic Leadership That's Down to Earth

Brantford has been our family home for 4 generations.  I grew up in Brantford.  I went to school in Brantford.  I played sports in Brantford.  I apprenticed as a carpenter in Brantford.  I am a 4th generation tradesman.  A 3rd generation carpenter.  I work in Brantford. I own and operate a small business in Brantford.  My wife & I raised our family in Brantford.  As an adult, I returned to school to earn a business diploma.  I have served as 3 time elected Ward Councillor by the residents of Ward 4. I served along side Richard Carpenter as an effective team to represent you, your families and our city.  I have been a candidate in previous elections.  Over the years, I have volunteered with other candidates and various political parties. As a tradesman, municipal leader, educator and community volunteer, I understand the diverse needs of our city. Democracy, Teamwork, Transparency, Honesty and Integrity are key to my leadership. Everything I have done to this point, the work, the education, the experience, was to prepare me for the job of a life time...  To be the best Mayor for you and the City of Brantford. I am goal driven, task focused and visually rewarded. If you truly believe in something, like making a difference personally, professionally or in your community, no matter how small or grand it may be, set a goal, stay determined, be focused and work hard to achieve that goal. Keep your eye on the target.  It may take several tries to get there, but you will get there! Believe me, the rewards, the blessings are amazing!! Make no mistake, I am that focused and that determined to make a difference, here, in this place I call home.  Our City.  Our Brantford. ​ I offer a down to earth, blue collared common-sense approach to leadership. Leadership built upon experience in skilled trades, post-secondary trades and engineering technologies, small business and political representation as an elected three-term Ward 4 Councillor. No matter what my role is, I am often seen rolling up my sleeves and taking a hands-on approach to getting things done. It’s time to put an end to the political “Old Boys Club” of one-upmanship, playing to the camera, being secretive and steamrolling over people and community groups. I believe in positive representation, not political self-preservation! People, community groups, industry and relations with our community neighbours are extremely important. Being inclusive is the foundation to a better, stronger future. ​ The privilege of serving our community as Mayor, comes down to you… Brantford Deserves Better!

Dave Wrobel


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