About Dave

A carpenter, entrepreneur, mentor, volunteer, friend, husband and father, Dave has built his life in Brantford for the past 32 years and is more than ready to take on the important role as a mayor of the city.

As carpenter and a former community college professor for skilled trades and engineering technologies and trainer for Carpenters Local 785, Dave has learned how to effectively present ideas, listen to and evaluate input and make decisions based on common sense.

As someone who takes a hands-on approach , Dave does not shy away from long days and hard work. In his role as Ward 4 Councillor, Dave, along with his then ward-mate, Councillor Carpenter, were often seen helping residents and community partners. Dave continues to take an active role in the work he does.

“I believe in setting the tone right up front. It’s important to lead by example. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave. That’s Full-time leadership.”

As a three-term Ward 4 councillor, Dave has learned a deep respect for the differing needs of all citizens, the ability to solve problems through an inclusive approach and the need to be approachable to everyone.

As a volunteer for many organizations such as the Kinsmen, Branlyn Neighbourhood Association, City of Brantford, Brantford Welcome Inn and Yes Church, Dave has learned the value of truly making a difference to others and the importance of knowing when to lead and when to follow.

“I’m passionate about taking the time to pitch in and give back. Going the extra mile makes a huge difference. And when you wipe the sweat from your brow, look up, see a smile on the face in front of you, you know, you've made a difference.”

As a servant to the community, neighbour to Brantwood Park, friend to many, husband to Sherry and father to Cody and Cassidy, Dave has learned to be honest, caring, responsible and attentive to the needs of others.

Dave Wrobel, a former three-time Ward 4 councillor, is more than ready to take on the role as mayor in this October’s municipal election. As mayor, Dave would bring an integrity and straight forward approach to municipal politics that has been missing for the past several years. Dave’s experience, desires, and love for the city of Brantford is what truly makes him a candidate for mayor like no other.

“There are no shortcuts in fulfilling the role as a Mayor. I’m here to represent our city with dignity; to be respectful to others; and to be accountable for my time and engagement with our community.”

Dave believes that the only way to build a strong relationship between council, staff and the greater Brantford community is through communication, transparency and accountability. Citizens should never feel as if their voices are ignored. Dave understands that by listening to voters and making decisions that are in their best interests, Brantford can be an affordable place to live, a profitable place to do business and a vibrant community to be proud of.

“A community leader listens to concerns raised, ideas presented and collectively creates solutions to put in play for the benefit of our community.”


Key areas of focus

Brantford is in need of a strong leader who will tackle problems head on, and with the help of the community come up with solutions that make sense. Dave is that leader, and these are the four areas he believes together, we can improve on:

  • Municipal Money Management

• 4 Year Budget with Financial Audits

• Return on Our Investments

• Needs vs Wants - Delayed Gratification Model

• Debt - Debenture Reduction

• Currently, our municipal government works with a 1 year budget, making it difficult to plan long term. With a four-year budget as Dave proposes, councillors are able to plan with a budget over their full term with surety and clarity. This will allow families and business to plan long term. Mandatory audits are also necessary to keep council and staff accountable to tax payers.

• Over the years, city council has made decisions that have not given tax payers a return on their investments. Missed opportunities and lands are sold for close to nothing. When Council, on behalf of the tax payers, invests a million dollars into a project, they should see a million dollars returned to them.

• Council and staff need to make decisions that are of top priority to tax payers such as fixing roads and sidewalks, investing in new sewage pumps that have already reached maximum capacity, and keeping our communities clean and safe. Council and staff cannot continue to place wants, such as a new city hall building and a sports complex, above the needs of the tax payers.

• With reasonable budgets, financial audits, returns on our investments and prioritizing needs over wants, Brantford will see a reduction in municipal and tax payer debt. The lack of leadership over the past few years have burdened tax payers for far too long and we cannot allow this to continue.

  •  Development & Infrastructure

• Made in Brantford Solution for Development

• Community transportation connections

• Industrial Growth Development Partnershipsl

• Focus on Existing Infrastructure

• Brantford has talented, skilled and smart contractors and engineering firms who are often overlooked when council and staff appoint outside firms. These outside firms tend to miss the mark on meeting the specific needs of our city with their “bigger city” ideas. What we need to do is utilize the workers we have here in Brantford and work together with the community to make sure that specific needs are being met. In doing so, we create more job opportunities for citizens of Brantford and strengthen our ties with local businesses.

• Construction of the BSAR and a ring road that follows County Road 18 are top priorities for Dave. He believes that these projects are needed in order for Brantford residents and future residents to access employment in and out of the city more efficiently. In order to get these projects started, Dave acknowledges that relationships must be restored by ensuring that all voices are heard and respected.

• Cross community partnerships between Six Nations, the County of Brant, Brantford and the Province to invest in existing and new infrastructure that supports commercial and industrial development - east and west of our communities.

• Sidewalks, garbage pick-up and new sewage pumping stations are needs that can no longer be ignored. With more and more houses being built and our current systems already burdened, we must invest in new pumping stations and underground services. With Dave’s, “Made in Brantford” solution, we will work with engineers and contractors from Brantford to come up with practical solutions that will support our projected community growth.

  •  Community & Social Services

• Strengthen Intercommunity Relations

• Small Housing Initiatives

• Reduce Service Red Tape

• 12 month Council Calendar for Business

• We must build stronger relationships through communication with Six Nations and Mississauga of the New Credit. This is important for Dave, as he believes all voices must be heard and respected. Brantford thrives when all its citizens are united.

• With the baby boomers being the largest demographic in Brantford, we must continue to invest in more affordable housing for seniors. Dave’s “made in Brantford solution” includes investing in senior villages, condos, and single floored homes that will meet the growing demand for affordable housing in Brantford.

• There are many great organizations who wish to host events in the city that often find themselves stuck in a lengthy and expensive process to get permits. Builders and developers experience the same challenges. Dave believes he can work with council and staff to reduce the time and money wasted in these lengthy application and permit processes by having one person handle each application and see it all the way through, rather than the application being handed off from one person to another. This applies to the process of applications for builders and developers that also takes far too long. We must be more consistent if we wish to be more efficient.

• Homelessness, early pregnancy, drug addiction, crime and mental health are issues we face here in Brantford. Council needs to work with organizations in the community including the police to help combat each of these issues head on. We must also petition the province for more money to provide the resources all citizens of Brantford need to live a healthy, wholesome life with dignity.

  •  Accountability

• Recorded in Camera Meetings

• Mayors Open Calendar

• Monthly Report of Mayors Activities

• Ensure Public Engagement Process is in Place

• NO more secrets! All meetings should be audio recorded so that we have a detailed record of what was said and done and by whom. If a discrepancy should arise in the future, council can refer back to the audio recording for clarity. Recordings will also keep members of council accountable to their constituents.

• Dave believes that council should run the full 12 months instead of taking months and weeks off for holidays. If a council member wishes to take a vacation, they should book it off like every other staff member. Council should also run a standard 3-week calendar, with the fourth Tuesday of every month set aside for additional planning matters. Having a full calendar ensures the citizens and businesses of Brantford, council will conduct business throughout the year reducing long periods of delay as a result of summers off.

• Dave believes that transparency with constituents leads to a stronger relationship and having an open calendar is a great way to be transparent. As Mayor, Dave will have his monthly schedule posted so that citizens are able to know what he is doing and keep him accountable. Dave also believes that citizens should be able to reach him directly. Having open office hours during the week at city hall is a great way for citizens to have their voices heard and strengthens communication between council and the community. As mayor, Dave will provide councillors with monthly reports on the work he has done and any issues that still need to be addressed. Having monthly reports will allow council to track the progress being made and keep the mayor accountable to their constituents.

• Many constituents feel disconnected from the council they elect. That needs to change. Dave would like to see more engagement between council and citizens through frequent, open public meetings. Dave also believes that as Mayor, he should be present at town hall meetings in each ward so that he can hear the problems facing constituents firsthand and work together with ward councillors to ensure that the problems are resolved.


Campaign Support

To make a campaign donation, please contact Dave at: donate@wrobel.ca

Support Dave Wrobel for Brantford Mayor. Showing your support should be more than more than a click and a form to fill. Dave recognizes the value of your support. “You are the reason I stepped up to lead as a candidate for Brantford Mayor. When you put your trust in me, the right thing to do is to take the time to meet with you to discuss your vision and your level of support.”

~ Dave Wrobel


Dave Wrobel has the skills, knowledge and passion to serve his community as Mayor of Brantford. His slogan, “Imagine, working together, building a better Brantford”, serves to remind us that, with strong leadership, and by unifying council and the community through open communication, transparency and accountability, we can make Brantford a city to be proud of.

“It’s like working on a construction site to build a new home. Everyone has different skill sets and talents. When we work together, we can build a house that is strong, safe and functional.”

It’s time for strong and effective leadership in Brantford. On October 22nd, vote Dave Wrobel for Mayor.

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